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January 21, 2021
Surfers Against Sewage Ocean & Climate Report
January 19, 2021

A Shocking & Revealing Report
to Help Put a Stop to Water Pollution

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Surfers Against Sewage
Water Quality Report

We are proud to have supported Surfers Against Sewage on the production of the 2019 and 2020 Water Quality Report and endorsed by Lewis Pugh, our UN Patron of the Oceans.

UPDATE: Since this campaign, Surfers Against Sewage have had a huge impact on legislation and now all water companies are to provide real-time data all year round and publish CSO data. #EndSewagePollution


Surfers Against Sewage publishes an annual water quality report which presents analysis of complex data provided through the safer Sea Service (SSS). This presents information on sewage spills, pollution warnings and health report across the UK during the bathing season.

Core Requirements

Salt Hub supported the production of the 2019 and 2020 Water Quality Report by initially interpreting the data and finding the most effective way of presenting it to make it easy to interpret at-a-glance. We needed to balance the SAS edgy, distressed style with accurate data representations.

Date Represenation

In addition to report design, Salt Hub presented geographical data to show location and regional hotspots of sewage spills, pollution warnings and ‘health hot spots’ producing maps to present this data. This assisted readers in seeing where in the UK we are experiencing the most problems with water quality and resulting health problems.

Make a change

We love to support projects we believe in, and the findings of this report only highlight further the shocking state of the UK’s water systems and how essential it is that people take action with their local MP and help raise awareness. If this is important to you too, please share & take action.

#GenerationSea #endsewagepollution