Surfers Against Sewage Water Quality Report
January 21, 2021

A Hard-Hitting Report, Turning Complex Data
into Clear and Meaningful Graphics

Creative Solutions

Surfers Against Sewage Ocean & Climate Report

We are so proud to have supported Surfers Against Sewage with the production of the newly-released Ocean and Climate Report launched at the Ocean Conservation All Party Parliamentary Group #APPG


Surfers Against Sewage published its first Ocean & Climate Report in January 2021 which aimed to share the facts connecting ocean health to the global climate crisis and present the findings of their Ocean & Climate Survey. This was a critical report for SAS as it set out the charity’s position on climate and was published in tandem with their Ocean & Climate Emergency Declaration.

Core Requirements

It was imperative that the report presented the information in a clear, informative, attractive, eye catching, and easily understood manor. It needed to be accurate and hard-hitting, whilst remaining approachable by readers with a range of knowledge in this area. We gave the report a fresh feel with shades of blue and organic shapes, whilst remaining within the edge, well-established Surfers Against Sewage branding.

Data Representations

In addition to report design, we supported the analysis and presentation of the SAS Ocean & Climate Survey, which captured people’s views and understanding of the Ocean & Climate Emergency. Design work by Salt Hub presented the data analysis graphically within the report in a clear and engaging way through the use of infographics, graphs, tables and pie charts to convey survey results for both print and interactive digital version with navigable sidebar.

Make a change

We are stepping into the United Nations Ocean Decade and although the ocean is on fire, it still has a crucial role to play in tackling the climate crisis by providing key solutions. Seagrass meadows and kelp forests lock carbon deep below the sea floor and ocean currents regulate global temperatures. We need governments around the world to recognise this pivotal role played by oceans.

Be another the voice for the ocean if you can. #OceanEmergency